Best Military Watch 2018

If you are interested in purchasing military watches because you like that particular style, there are many that are affordable. You can usually get them for in between $50 and $200. There are some that are price much higher, costing several thousand dollars for each watch. These come from name brands like Victorinox and the famous Swiss Military watches that are worn by many people worldwide. Unfortunately, these are out of the price range of the average person because they are priced at well over $1000. There are others including Eterna, JeanRichard and many others that are in this for figure range. If you are on a budget, and $200 is the maximum that you would want to spend, you still have many different watches that are available. Let’s discuss what makes a watch a military watch, and then present the top four military watches that you can get in the $50 and $200 price range.

What Exactly Is A Military Watch?

There is some debate over the different functions that a military watch will have when compared to other watches. They are made by many of the top brands. They are designed for both men and women, and although there are some that are issued by certain countries specifically for those in the armed forces, it’s more about the functionality of the watch itself. Some of the top producers include Casio, Timex, and Swiss Army as mentioned above. Seiko is also a very popular brands along with Pulsar and Armitron watches. If you have ever looked at divers watch, they tend to have some of the same levels of functionality. Regarding the physical appearance, they will have the regular long and short hands. They will also have what are called coronal functions which means there will be three separate watches on the dial that is visible. This will depict the regular 12 hours, but you can also see a 30 minute counter and 1/60 second counter, each with its dial and rotating hand. On the outside of the watch, you are going to see two or three large knobs. These knobs are designed to adjust certain aspects of the watch. For example, there will be a separate knob for changing the week or month. There will be another that will adjust the analog time that is visible. Finally, there will be one that is designed to set the alarm, and there may also be a couple of other knobs for setting the date and other special functions. Overall, they are designed for those that have larger hands because of the size of the knobs, plus the dials are visible to give you accurate information such as the time, and if you are using the secondary dials for some timing operation. They are typically very stylish, some of which do not have all of the 12 numbers, and others will have each minute around the main dial depicted in five-minute intervals. You will know that it is a military watch based upon this general appearance, in the top four military they all have this unique design.

Why Most People Will Choose A Military Watch

A military watch serves a couple of different purposes. First of all, they are usually designed with that unique appearance with multiple dials that can help you time yourself, or they will be perfect for underwater activities. Although women do wear them, they are primarily designed for men because of the style that you will find then designed with. They are certainly not meant for those that are looking for something basic. Individuals that prefer having a classic watch face with two hands might find this to be a little intimidating. For those that are looking for something innovative, the watches that you will see are certainly one-of-a-kind. One thing you can count on, with any of these watches, is that they will certainly help you stand out in a crowd. They are not designed for those that one something basic our traditional. The full functionality of some of them, as well as the outlandish appearance that two of them have, will certainly make you a central focus when people look at the watch you are wearing. Another thing to remember about these watches is that they typically come with functions that are designed for people that are athletic. If you are training, and you need to time yourself, they will allow you to do that. One other thing to consider when getting a military watch is that they are perfect for people that are living near the ocean, those that go in the water consistently. You need to be careful because most of them, especially in this price range, or water resistant, and are not waterproof. This means an occasional splash might be all that the watch can take before the water would be able to get in. Others are designed to go down several hundred feet, although maintaining that depth is not recommended. Now that you know why many people will wear these, it might be something that you would want to consider wearing. The following four watches are priced accordingly, designed to reflect their overall functionality and unique construction as well as appearance.

Timex Men’s Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

Usually priced at just over $80 is this military watch that comes from Timex. It is a very nice watch, complete with the multiple dials. This particular one has a long and shorthand allowing you to see the time, but the main numbers are displaying five-minute intervals from 5 to 60. There are three separate dials, each one depicting 10, 30, and 60-minute intervals. There is a section that will show you the date, specifically the day numerically displayed, and it has an outdoor design. The chronograph is designed to measure 30-minute intervals, and it comes with the genuine leather strap, making it very stylish for any type about. It has a built-in quartz movement with analog display. It does have the ability to light up. Military watches may or may not be water resistant, and this particular one is suitable for snorkeling, allowing you to go down up to 330 feet. It is not recommended for diving due to its design, but the gradual descent into the water is fine. Priced at just above $52, it is one of the best inexpensive military watches that you can use for going in the water or to simply tell time.

Timex Weekender Chronograph 40 Mm Watch

This Timex watch is a chronograph watch. It also comes with a genuine leather strap. The chronograph measures up to the 20th of the second, and it provides analog quartz movement. The standard numbers are displayed on the main dial going from 1 to 12. It has three separate dials which can show you 62nd intervals, 10-minute intervals, and 30-minute intervals. It has three knobs on the right-hand side which are used to adjust the time, date, and can operate the alarms. This does not provide as much water resistance as the previous watch, allowing you to descend to only 100 feet in depth. However, as stated in the advertisement, it is only designed to be water resistant with intermittent splashing. This is not something that you would use to go swimming. The higher prices reflective of the Timex name, and the unique design that went into this stylized watch which will work well with virtually any outfit. It comes in many different colors regarding the main dial in the watchband. Priced at just over $65, it would be a nice addition to any of your other standard watches that you would wear for normal use.

Casio Men’s GG-1000-1A3CR Mudmaster

If you want more versatility with a military watch, you have to upgrade to a Casio. This is a watch that has many additional features by comparison to the prior two. First of all, it is shock resistant which means you could drop this watch without worrying about it being damaged. It is made of the material called neobrite and mineral glass, making it virtually shatterproof. This is a watch that can reach a depth of 200 m or 660 feet. It is not a diving watch, but if you do snorkeling, surfing, or if you are caught out in a rainstorm, it’s going to be just fine. It has a large display digitally showing the day of the week, as well as the numeric date. The main dial displays on the four numbers, and it only has one secondary dial which is designed for settings, not for determining minute or second intervals. There is a digital compass that is built within, and it provides backlighting. There is also a thermometer that can tell you the temperature in or out of the water. It also has a world time function and a stopwatch for those that are trying to determine how fast they are running or walking. There is a countdown timer, alarms, and a low battery alert. It can also show you if you have reached the top of the hour, and it has a full auto calendar. You can also set it for military time, as well as regular time, and it has a two-year battery life. It utilizes quartz movement within and is more of a sports watch with multiple buttons and knobs on the outside to make adjustments. Priced at just over $200, it is designed for people that are outdoor enthusiasts, and short of diving, it can be used for almost any water-based activity.

Reef Tiger Men’s Military Watch

This watch is one of the most elaborately designed military watches that you will ever see. It is priced at $288. It has a unique design with not only the main dial in front but multiple dials that are strategically placed inside. It uses Sea-Gull automatic movement and is made with a classic steel case. It looks like a watch that you would see in some movie, used by either the hero or the villain. It has a very complicated dial, one that is designed to show you the year, month, day and date. It uses a calfskin strap and comes with a transparent case back which is unique to many military watches. It has multiple knobs on the outside, as well as a lever that serves a particular function. It is water resistant down to 100 m, and would certainly look appropriate if you were wearing this while snorkeling or diving. It is a watch that is certainly a sports watch just as it is a military watch, made of metal that is both blue and rose gold. It is something that you have probably never seen before, and it would make a perfect gift for someone that enjoys owning and wearing unique watches. The company Reef Tiger has a multitude of different watches all look very similar. The dial window uses antireflective sapphire. It has an analog display, with a bezel function that is stationary. The movement of the watches automatic self-winding. If you have been looking for a military watch that is far beyond something standard, this is something that will give you a unique look. Combined with its functionality, and very different appearance, it is the perfect watch for those that want to stand out.

These are just a few of the many military watches that are currently that have great feedback and are priced at under $300. Whether you are searching for something functional that is around the $50 range, or if you want something elaborate such as the Reef Tiger Men’s Military Watch, you now know what is available. These are for watches that will cater to different types of people that are either looking for something traditional, innovative, or functional in a water-based setting. Regardless of the one you choose, these are all well designed by their manufacturers, and you will have no problem acclimating to their appearance whether you are at work or having fun in the water.