WWII Salute To France

WWII – SALUTE TO FRANCE (1945) US Propaganda Film

Guess who the bad guys are. Log: Scientist talks to assistants, the man teaches in an American classroom. Hitler speaks from podium area, shots of Pierre Laval, Oswald Mosely, Fritz Kuhn, Hirohito, Rudolph Hess, Julius Streicher, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, and Mussolini. Soldiers marching, crowds listening to speakers. Devastated city, newspaper headlines, WWI – German Kaiser reviews troops, French posting of mobilization orders, soldiers march thru the crowd, soldiers charge across a battlefield. French taxi cab army, cannons fire, explosions, battles at Verdun and Chemin des Dames. Lloyd George is conferring with Clemenceau, factory workers, destroyed buildings, the explosion in a field, troops climb hill, Lloyd George battles at Paaschendale, Ypres, Somme. Parade of soldiers, President Wilson, Gen. Pershing, battle scene at Chateau Thierry, marines battle at Belleau Wood, Argonne. Hitler makes the speech, German troops marching. Eiffel tower, German officers saluting, German occupy Paris, German officers walk towards Eiffel tower, Paris aerial including Arc de Triumph, French soldiers with Allies. Aerial of paratrooper jumping from a plane, aerial of a plane falling to the ground. Clipped at the end, but you get the idea.